Lynda Minter

1981-1984                           St Martin’s School of Art: BA  Hons

2004                                        The Slade School of Art – Summer school


2019                                       Brompton cemetery Chapel – Royal parks – ‘Hidden London’

2015                                       Wellington Barracks

2015                                       Eggison Daniel  Berkeley Square – London W1

2011 to 2015                        Lacy Road Gallery

2006/2007/2014                  Piers Feetham Gallery, London, Norfolk, Ireland, Scotland

2014                                       Winchester College, Winchester – Normandy WW11

2013                                       Thames Landscapes – River & Rowing Museum, Henley on Thames

2012                                       Winchester College, Winchester

2008                                       The Arts Club, Dover Street, London – ‘The Thames and Other Places

2006                                       The Chelsea Arts Club’


2011                                       9 Langton Street Gallery

2002                                       Belgravia Gallery – An Exhibition of Landscapes


2019                                       Chelsea  Art Club

2015                                       Wimbledon Fine Art

2006/2015                               Aylesbury Museum, Buckinghamshire

1997-2006/2015                      Art for Youth , Mall Galleries

2015                                      The Army Art Society

2015-2018                               Henley Royal Regatta

2014                                       Lacy Road Gallery

2014/15                               Amanda Aldous Fine Art Gallery

2013/14                                 Barry Keene Fine Art  Gallery

2013                                    The Mayor’s Thames Festival at Painter’s Strainers’ Livery Company

2013                                       Chelsea Arts Club – Heroes and Villians

2013/14                                 Stoll Fulham Road

2012                                       Mall Galleries – Armed Forces Art Society

2011 to 2015                        Lacy Road Gallery –  London Thames and Scotland

2007/2008/2009/2012        Gallery Tresco – Summer show

2011                                       Hackfield Art Fair

2010                                       Mallesons Stephen Jacques London

2009                                       The Painters’ Fine  Art Society, Painters Hall

2008/2009                            Frost & Reed, St James’s, London Scenes

2009                                       Affordable Art Fair

2008                                       Art London

2008                                       9 Langton Street, Chelsea

2005/06                                 The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition

2006/2007/2015                  Piers Feetham Gallery, Summer and Venice in Peril Exhibitions

2005                                       The Discerning Eye selected by Joan Bakewell

2005                                       Guaranty Trust Bank, Lyford Cay, Nassau, Bahamas

2003                                       Manya Igel Fine Arts

2000                                       Thompson’s Gallery, London

1998 to 2004                        The Chelsea Arts Society

1997                                       Royal Society of British Artists, Mall Galleries

BIBLIOGRAPHY/ Publications

2013                                       River & Rowing Museum artist in focus

18/7/2012                              Kensington & Chelsea Today – featuring paintings of the Diamond Jubilee

2008                                       Who’s Who for Artists

2006 Spring Edition            Featured in the Discerning Eye Newsletter

2004/2006/2008/2012        Featured in Lloyd’s List Review

2004                                       Painter-Stainers prize at the Wine Trade Art Society  at  Christie’s

2004                                       Artist in Focus at the Arts Club, Dover Street, London

Private Collections and Commissions : River & Rowing Museum,  Tresco Estate , The Hurlingham Club UK, USA, Russia

Professor Ken Howard RA  OBE says “Painting is about the hand the heart and the head” and that’s what you get when you see one of Lynda Minter’s paintings”

Financial Times Art critic William Packer has said: “Lynda Minter is a natural painter, her handling of paint rich and free on the surface, and impressively sure in its scope and sweep”.

Artist Statement – 22 May 2019

I went to art school fairly late as I had to like so many other people earn a living.  When I had saved up and was more settled financially I applied to the top art schools and much to my amazement I was spoilt for choice.  I choose St Martin’s School of art as their strength in Sculpture which is what I was most interested in, and it was very apparent with visiting tutors and professors such as Anthony Caro. As with all art schools they give you a platform in order to expand and develop your interests.  The tutors are there for guidance and information.  At the time I was at St Martin’s there was a very strong group of painters emerging and I found myself often in their studios.  I also ended up by buying some of their work.  Artists such as Peter Doig now world famous and Tai Shierenberg  who won the portrait prize in the 80’s.

When I left St Martin’s I worked at Sotheby’s and Christie’s   which I called my universities.  I was exposed to so many different forms of art such as Chinese porcelain, French furniture, silver etc… I was fascinated by such beauty.  In my spare time living in a small flat started to paint.  I went on a painting course and attended numerous classes at the City Lit in the evenings and weekends.

In the mid eighties I meet my husband who encouraged and supported my love for this new found love painting and I carried on .  Taking opportunities as they came my way.  And over the years experimenting with different styles and materials until finding my path.  Being outdoors in nature and along the river has always had a very strong pull.  I think it may be because I grew up on a large farm in Spain and I used to as a child just wonder and explore .  So this has never really left me.

Whenever I travel I always have my sketchbook with me so some of my sketches go back 20 years. Apart from being a memory they are often used as preparatory studies for my paintings.  Like so many artists in this modern day of digital technology I have worked from my photographs but find now that I prefer to rely on my drawings and memory.  My paintings are about a sense of place and experience a feeling.  I am not really that interested in producing an academic depiction of what I see.  I leave that to the photographers.

Painting and particularly painting in oil is like no other experience.  Applying oils on canvas or board not knowing how the painting is going to turn out is what I find exciting.  I have exhibited widely and  far away places such as the Bahamas .  Preparing for an exhibition is extremely hard work and times very time consuming.  It’s like being an actor preparing your lines and the best thing is when one sees one’s work on display as I have done recently at my exhibition in a most beautiful chapel owned by the Royal Parks in London in which I titled ‘Hidden London’.

Method of working

As I live in London the river has been a big source of inspiration on my work.  I love watching the tide ebbing in and out and I particularly love when the tide is out to see the beautiful patterns the water makes as it does in low tide.  I have recently discovered Pembrokeshire coast which is one of the very unspoilt coastlines apart from Scotland.  As it is part of the National Trust.  On my visits there I am often the only person walking along.  I take drawing paper and charcoal and ink and let my hand instinctively draw and make marks in order to look.  To be aware of one’s senses is to be aware of one’s existence in the physical world, to feel fully alive.

With these drawings/sketches I set about painting when back in the studio.  Very occasionally particularly such a detail on a building I may resort to using my camera.

I work on several paintings at the time and although I work quickly I go back and back changing adjusting till I feel that the painting starts giving out a life of its own. My materials are simple and I try and keep them so just a handful of different size brushes, oil medium and a basic palette.

I make time to read on other artists and visit Museums to further my understanding of this magical passion of paint.